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Pilla Tax Academy has been designed to provide the most convenient and student-centered continuing education solution available for tax professionals. If you've ever wished for an option to complete all of your continuing education requirements in one place, from home, and on your own schedule, Pilla Tax Academy was created for you!

Upcoming Events

Mar 20

"Independent Contractor or Employee? How to Properly Establish and Defend Independent Contractors" webinar
(2 Continuing Ed Credits)

Apr 24

"Basics of Tax Debt Resolution – Intro" FREE webinar
(1 Continuing Ed Credits)

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Daniel J. Pilla

Dan Pilla is the world's foremost authority on the subject and practice of tax resolution. With 40+ years of experience and a competitive spirit, Dan has seen and resolved every kind of tax problem imaginable. He began beating the IRS as an 18-year-old young man, and he's been beating them ever since.

Dan is known by many as the "father" of the tax resolution industry... and for good reason. Tax resolution practitioners around the nation have based their methods and practices off the work Dan completed in the early 80s. Nobody stays on top of the IRS and the current tax code like Dan Pilla.

So whether you're an American taxpayer, an enrolled agent, a tax attorney, a CPA, or a business owner, you've come to the right place. Pilla Tax Academy is a one-stop-shop for all things taxes. (prevention and resolution)