Top Mentor Academy

Learn How I Close Over 100+ Sales Per Year And Build A Massive Organization.


Top Mentor Academy

Learn How I Close Over 100+ Sales Per Year And Build A Massive Organization...

What you’ll learn from Top Mentor Academy:

  • How to present and close like the top mentor/closer
    Learn how to quickly build rapport with home-owner and the presentation that not only closes the sale but trains your new mentees effectively all while being duplicatable.

  • Managing customer expectations properly ​​​​​​​
    This helps your retention, as proud as I am about closing so many sales I am equally as proud of being the #3 all time retention leader! At the end of the day, we get paid per installs, not sales! Learn to manage your customers expectations properly.

  • Systematic selling and recruiting
    You don’t become #1 mentor by only being able to close sales. You need a duplicatable system for closing sales and recruiting! You do this through a system! I teach you the system I used here!

  • Mindset of a top performer
    Make no mistake about it, Mindset trumps EVERYTHING and top performers in any business or sport, have a different mindset than the rest. Buckle your seatbelts, it’s time to level up!

  • Sponsor Monster!
    Become a top recruiter! Recruiting should be the #1 answer for 95% of your problems in this business!

  • Follow up like a PROFESSIONAL!
    What to say? How often should you follow up?

  • Sell to survive, team build to retire!
    Imagine closing over 115 deal per year part time, via zoom… Now imagine your override income being BIGGER than your 115 closed deals per year.. Learn to recruit/team build.

  • Hiring your first assistant
    If your hour ends up being worth $500 per hour, why would you do $50 per hour tasks? Invest back into your business and hire your first assistant when the time is right! 

Meet Your Mentor
JC Rangel is an accomplished direct sales professional with over 22 years of experience. He has achieved top positions as an income earner and producer in five different direct sales companies. His exceptional talent and work ethic propelled him to earn his first $1,000,000 year in the industry by the age of 30.

Currently, JC holds the prestigious title of #1 Mentor with Powur Energy, achieving this distinction for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. He was also the #1 recruiter for Powur in 2021 and is recognized as the all-time sales leader with Powur. JC's team comprises over 1,400 sales reps, 200 personally sponsored consultants, and over 100 mentors on his team. This has resulted in a tremendous passive/residual income and an abundance of leads for him and his mentors.

In this training, JC shares his valuable tips, tricks, and strategies that have contributed to his success as the #1 mentor with Powur and the #1 virtual solar rep on earth.

Course Contents

1. Master the sales presentation
2. Managing customers expectations on sales cycle
3. How to sell 20% bigger systems for 20% bigger commissions
4. 3 keys to get the customer to sign without hesitation
5. Systematic selling for duplication and simplicity
6. My go to Loan options
7. Handling welcome calls
8. Team building for unlimited leads and overrides
9. Recruiter or sponsor?
10. Becoming a mentor BUILDER, Not just a mentor
11. How to sell over 100+ ZOOM sales per year
12. Building your “Base shop”
13. Recruiting Mastery
14. Who are the best people to recruit and how to recruit them
15. Hiring your first Virtual assistant (VA)
16. Systematic leadership

JC takes off the gloves in this training to bring you every ounce of what got him to the top of the solar industry and the #1 virtual solar professional on earth!