Elite Entrepreneur Summit (Limited Time Offer)

  • Author: XP Mentors
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 12.8 hrs
Replay Of The Unforgettable Live Event
Course overview
Experience the Elite Entrepreneur Summit! Get access to an exclusive recording of a power packed weekend filled with training from our XP Mentors!

The feedback from this event has been incredible, and we want you to be able to experience the same life-changing training that those in attendance received.

XP Mentor Speakers

Jay Noland

Master Trainer and Motivational Expert

Forbes Riley

Pitch Queen and Motivational Expert

Dan Pilla

Tax Litigation Expert

Tenisha Graham

Dance Healer and Intl. Life Coach

10G Colin

Media and Journalist Expert

Michelle McClain

Intl. Direct Sales Expert and Motivational Speaker

Jarrett Albritton

Tech and Web 3.0 Expert

Herman Marigny III

Business Credit Expert

Stack Pack

International Marketing Expert

Guest Speakers

Joel Gossett

Solar Industry Expert

JC Rangel

Intl. Direct Sales Expert and Motivational Speaker

Cory Hughes

Tax and Business Expert

Justin Wilson

International Business Executive


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