XP 3.0 

  •  Jarrett Albritton 
  • Level: Beg-Adv
  • Study time: 1 Year
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Course overview
All inclusive course covering various Metaverse environments, NFTs, and Crypto best practices as well as regular updates on new technologies, laws, and trends in the Web 3.0 space.

What's included?

  • Crypto, Metaverse, NFT Onboarding video
  • Three rooms per month which cover
    1. General Q&A
    2. Small Business Use Case Highlights and Reviews
    3. Featured Web3 Services for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Free in-person events domestically and internationally
  • Two one hour 1:1’s with Jarrett to break down a Web3 strategy for your business or answer custom questions
  • Priority to be featured in the Small Business Use Case Review
  • Updates on new technologies, laws, and trends in the Web 3.0 space

Jarrett Albritton

Tech Influencer
ABOUT Jarrett Albritton
Jarrett has been a leader in the Tech space since 2006 as an Enterprise Software Sales Executive, with an emphasis on SaaS startups for more than a decade. He has worked at top tech companies such as IBM, CoreSite, Kyriba, ClearSlide, and WalkMe, where he closed over $40 Million in revenue working with C-Level executives at Fortune 100 companies, and helped ClearSlide and WalkMe achieve aggressive revenue targets which led to a major acquisition at ClearSlide, and an IPO at WalkMe. While working in the Tech space, Jarrett simultaneously launched MGMT Works in 2016, which focused on film production, music publishing and music management. As a film producer, Jarrett executive produced critically acclaimed short films “The Kind Ones” and “Knockout Game”, which both premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. In the music publishing and artist management space, Jarrett secured publishing deals, booked shows, and reality TV engagements for several independent artists.

After 15 years in Tech, and 5+ years in music/film, Jarrett found a new calling during the pandemic in 2021 as a fast growing Tech influencer, connecting over 150+ people to Tech jobs through his network via social audio rooms, and representing brands like AfroTech, Entre, and MagnifHire job board, to help achieve his goal of increasing Diversity in the tech space, which led to Jarrett being named Black In HR’s Tech Recruiting Influencer of the Year in 2021. To date Jarrett has grown his social audio/media following to 115K+ followers across Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Clubhouse, with over 75K followers on Clubhouse in particular. Jarrett is now emerging as a leader in the Web 3, Metaverse, and NFT space, where he connects major brands and influencers to NFT/Metaverse activations.